We all have a sleeping preference, whether it be  the side of the bed you sleep on or the way you like your lighting you fall asleep. It's fascinating, that many of us have a preferred sleeping position and if we don’t lay in our favourite position we can end up tossing and turning all night, but did you know that sleeping positions can have a direct connection to your personality?








Fetal position sleepers tend to be more anxious and emotional. You like the sense of safety the position offers as you fall asleep. You are more of a sensitive person. Although more sensitive, you can often exhibit a tougher persona



The starfish position is spread out across the bed, like the sea creature. You're outgoing and positive but don't want to be the center of attention. You are a great person to be around, a people-pleaser, and a natural leader. You are eager to support your friends.




In the freefall position, you'll usually be laid on your stomach with your hands around your pillow, with your head turned to one side. According to Idzikowski's research freefall sleepers are quite social and can be considered as being brash. However, deep down they are more sensitive and can become unsettled by criticism or extreme situations.



The stargazer position is similar to how you would stargaze. These sleepers are more positive and helpful. You will do anything to help friends and family, and are extremely loyal to those that you love. You have an easy-going, positive outlook, much like side sleepers




A sign of an affectionate cuddler. Similar to the foetus position, the hugger involves sleeping while clutching a pillow. If this is you, then you find peace and relaxation from holding onto a pillow tightly. You like the feeling of being safe and protected but you're equally a strong a person. You love to daydream and are good at problem-solving. You value strong and long-lasting friendships.




Sleeping like a “log” is the way Dr. Idzikowski describes lying on your side with your arms at your sides. If this is your favourite sleeping position, then you’re probably easy-going, social, and relatively trusting of strangers.




In the yearner position, the sleeper looks like they are reaching for something. Your legs and arms are both outstretched. According to research by Idzikowski, people who prefer the yearner position tend to be open, whilst also being cynical and suspicious.



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