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Goss & Genus is the home of organic, Fairtrade produced bed linens. Where sustainability isn’t a trend but the thread that runs through the core of our brand.

We’re advocates for ethically made, high-quality products and slow living.

We’re proud to be GOTS certified and have our bedding made by Fairtrade certified producers, meaning we uphold the highest sustainability standards, currently available for textiles from a sociological and ecological perspective.

Shop our collection of bed linens for some serious snoozing and restorative rest.

Goss Genus organic bedding ethical linen

"Goss & Genus aims to be more than a bed linen brand, we aim to be an overall wellness brand that upholds the value of sleep. Our community is a safe space, where we aim to educate on the overall physical and mental benefits of investing in quality sleep."

Reem - Founder of Goss and Genus

Goss Genus conscious and kind to the planet

Our mission is simple. We create with intention, producing ethically made high-quality, organic bed linens while educating you on the importance of sleep.

If you’re not investing in your sleep, then everything else you do for your mental and physical wellbeing is pointless. Our products are designed here in the UK and lovingly made in India by one of the leading producers of organic cotton.

We are Goss & Genus, where sustainability and luxury are synonymous.

Goss Genus sleep clean

Clean sleep goes beyond the freshness of our soft bed linens. It’s in every part of our brand.

It's the organic cotton used across our entire range and the very fact that your bed linen has been made by happy people, who are paid and treated fairly.

We believe that sustainability can not exist without ethics.

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