We've all spent the last few months making our home perfect for the festivities and now all attention is back to the areas of our homes that we want to evolve or improve. Here are 5 simple ways to elevate your bedroom to create the perfect atmosphere for rest and relaxation.







Dim lighting is always best as you wind down as this helps increase the production of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone the body naturally produces at night. Using a warm light bulb can give a cosy feel to any room as it's gentle on the eyes.




 New Bedding

There is nothing more inviting than a bed with luxuriously soft bedding that feels and looks good. Bedding that has not only being made well, but has been designed to last and be a perfect addition to any bedroom style and worth the investment. Bedding made from natural materials is always the best choice to ensure a comfortable nights sleep.





There are two ways in which plants can help you get a good night's sleep: by purifying the air in your bedroom and by giving off a scent that helps you relax. Plants such as snake plants, orchids and aloe vera give out oxygen at night to help you breathe better as well as absorbing toxins from the air.






Are you due a declutter? It's pretty hard to appreciate the space you have and it's potential, if its full of items that don't belong. For example  it's common practice to utilise the space under our beds as extra storage, but it might be time to get tough on what is currently housed there and what could be put there in place.  Are there items in your bedroom that could be housed elsewhere?





 Simplify Your Bedside Table

This is closely linked to the last tip. Your bedside table really only needs a few items all of which will aid you going to sleep and waking up and what is needed will be very personal to us all. One addition that can be transformative for your relaxation is swapping using your mobile phone for an alarm clock. Even if you won't use an alarm clock to help wake you up, it will limit the temptation to scroll through your phone when you should be sleeping. This may even help bring you, a step closer to not having your phone in your bedroom whilst you sleep.










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