Today, we bring you a glimpse into the morning ritual of our friend Niobe, who is the founder of Studio Kynd




Describe your sleeping space.

My sleeping space is minimalist. I fall asleep with lavender flowing out of my diffuser and like to invest in good quality bed linen. I always like to have fresh air flowing in and as soon as I wake I open my curtains to my ceiling to floor window to admire the view.

What time do you wake up?

This ranges everyday. I do not have an alarm clock and like to wake when my body feels rested. I prefer to wake early at 5am/6am before everyone else is awake as I like to have my quiet time before the hustle and bustle of city life awakens, however more recently I have been waking a little later and that is perfectly okay.

The first thing you do upon waking?

I usually cuddle my boyfriend and then I go to my journal whilst he makes my morning coffee and write down my intentions and things in which I am grateful for.

What do you need to get a good night's sleep?

This depends on the night. Sometimes it may be a meditation, listening to a podcast or reading. I found that when I am not on my phone or laptop before bed it helps. I do like to keep my bedroom minimal and free from clutter too so will always make sure everything is away before going to sleep.

Your AM Skincare / Self Care Routine?

It is simple. I use the Rowse for combination skin as I find it really easy to do - if I am honest I never had much of a skincare routine before investing in these products and now I am OBSESSED.

I always like to go to bed feeling clean so will have a shower or a wash before I go to bed, with fresh pjs and keep away from my phone as much as I can before going to sleep so I can have a little me time.

Morning beverages you can’t go without?

I could go without it as I do not drink coffee at all when I travel, however when I am in England, I drink a flat white. When I am aboard, I usually make myself peanut butter, banana and almond milk smoothies.


A typical breakfast might look like?

This depends on the day but my favourite is peanut butter and banana on sourdough however we do mix things up every single day depending on how we feel and what we fancy. We really trust what our bodies are telling us.

On an average day you’ll…..

I run Studio Kynd so it really does depends as my routine varies a lot if I am travelling. If I am working from home, it can be quite intense, but if I am nomading, I take it slower and will work more in the mornings and evenings whilst having the afternoon off to explore. When I am at home, I do work a lot however I am investing time in myself a lot more, so if I do have a quieter day, I will go out for lunch or go for a walk, or visit a gallery. I think it is important to find balance. I do not like every day to be the same, I guess this is why I started my own business to move away from routine to find a healthy balance in which makes me happy from within.


On a more productive day you’ll…

Get dressed up, go for a morning walk, work from a cute coffee shop and get lots of work done and then usually celebrate by going for a gelato, or a walk, or dinner.


When you’re exhausted, you’ll…

Usually take it a little easier, wear cosy clothes and snuggle up at home whilst I work. If I am really struggling I love to do this breathwork exercise. 


You start work around what time?

I tend to start quite early however this can vary every day depending on what I have going on. I would say around 08:30 on average.


What’s on your morning to-do list on an average day?

  1. Journaling
  2. Little self-care - simple things like brushing your hair and having a wash makes you feel so much more productive
  3. Go for a morning walk
  4. Emails and day planning
  5. Have a little break to eat breakfast with Charles and catch up on our favourite YouTubers - yes theory.

If your ideal morning had a soundtrack? (A song, mix, or album)

I tend to listen to Ted talks or podcasts in the morning as I feel inspired by them however if I could listen to a song everyday on repeat to make me happy it would be “send me on my way” - it is cheesy but just is very nostalgic. 









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